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Weasel Rubber tracks

Rubber Tracks for your Weasel 

The only available Weasel Highspeed rubber Tracks kit 

We are the only world wide supplier of these special for weasel designed and tested rubber tracks.

Detailed Installation Information 

We prefer to sell the tracks complete as a kit including the hardware, but they are also separate for sale! 
Maybe our tracks look like the tracks they use on mini diggers but they have nothing to do whit it, except the look. 
Our tracks are designed especially for higher speed like the weasel is doing and because of the smart shape of the track, the weasel will be a lot easier to steer comparing to the original steel tracks. 
Also the weasel loose a lot of weight, if you chose our tracks so the engine will be more powerful and a 90 degrees turn is now a piece of cake. 
We are sure you have a lot more fun whit your weasel on rubber.

Price for two tracks and the conversion kit as showed on the installation pictures is  € 5995,00   including 21% sales tax (VAT)