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M1-Helmet of the WW2 US GI BOOK

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M1-Helmet of the WW2 US GI  BOOK

M1-Helmet of the WW2 US GI 

This hard coverd book contains 320 page and 700 highly detaild full color photos that cover the development and combat use of the WW2 US 'fixedbale' M1 helmet to the fullest. 
Previously unreleased material as well as unique examples of the M-1 helmetwere brought together in this in-dept refence book. Much attention was given to the many specific manufacturing getails, contract numbers and dates involvingthe M1 and M2 helmet. The book also contains rare liners, unit painted helmets, rank marked helmets, camouflaged, paratrooper helmets (including 'Easy' 506th PIR) and much more.

€ 60.00