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Rare WW2 Jeep BOOK

Article code: MA179

Rare WW2 Jeep  BOOK

Photo Archive 1940 to 1945

Mark Askew is the editor of the UK's only Jeep Magazine 'Jeep World', and is regarded as one of the UK's leading Jeep experts.Mark has covered the history of this great wartime vehicle 'The Jeep' in great detail, with rare and remarkable 'Treasure' archive photographs, which many are of prototype Jeeps that have never been seen before.Dating from 1940 to 1945, including the T-28 Half-Track (on the cover).

This book contains around 600 black and white photographs (averaging 4 photographs a page) of Jeeps taken during WW2. At a conservative estimate around 60% of these photographs have never been seen or printed before, the rest may have possibly been printed before but in old and out of print books.The book has 148 pages (152 including cover), with around 15 pages of full text, and full detailed photo captions where possible. Paperback, it measures 290mm x 210mm. Great value for money just for the rare photographs alone.

Contents include; History of the Bantam Jeep, History of the Willys Jeep, History of Ford Jeep,The Willys Slat Grill 'MB',The standard Willys MB/Ford GPW Jeeps, History of the Ford GPA (Seep), Ambulance/Rail/Gun carrying armoured Jeeps, Armoured Scout Jeeps, 6x 6 Jeeps, Extra lightweight Jeeps, Full-Tracked Jeeps,Half-Tracked Jeeps, Half-ton Jeep, Flying Jeep, Restricted Jeeps, Factory Photos, Jeeps in Grates, Jeeps in Action, Jeeps go Airborne,V.I.P's in Jeeps, Radio Jeeps, Fields full of Jeeps, Fire Jeeps,Wrecked Jeeps. Followed by complete Jeep book listings, and suppliers list (UK) and Jeep related magazines & clubs.

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