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The Story of 'Quarter Ton', 4x4 BOOK

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The Story of 'Quarter Ton', 4x4  BOOK

This book tells the story of the WW2 'Jeep', the 'Land Roover Series 1, and the Austin 'Champ', all of wich served with the Britisch Army in the 'fifties'. The text describes the development and production of each type of vehicle, describing the variants which were produced, and the uses to which they were put in service. There is a full list of contracts, together with details of the numbers of vehicles produced. Each section also includes a full technical description, as wel as giving a list of technical manuals and suggested further reading. 
Illustrated with nearly 300 period black-and-white photographs, may of witch have never been seen before in print, and nearly 50up-to-minute full colour pictures of vehicles in the hands of private collectors. 
220 pages, hard cover 

By Pat Ware 

Language: English 

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